Patented Locking Water Filter – looking for licensee or strategic partner.

A water filter is point in the water distribution system where an individual can contaminate the water supply.  We have patented the idea of placing a lock on a water filter to prevent this from happening.  The lock permits only authorized people to gain access to the filter once it has been installed.   It is the ONLY tamper resistant filter technology on the market.

The point is to look at security in a big-picture manner. This will give organizations the ability to anticipate attacks before they happen, rather than have to repair the damage after the fact — which, to me, sounds like what the entire concept of security is all about.

Examples Of Tampering
The Water Cooler Dilemma-Harvard Medical School
Poisoning Shakes Up A Quiet Campus
Teacher, nurse sent to hospital after water contamination at Boston school

Police Charge Man With Murder In Cyanide-tainted Cooler Case
Kaiga nuke plant leak was inside job: Kakodkar
Kaiga incident: Wake up call or tempest in teapot?
WATER COOLER POISONED: A Worker in a cleaning crew tried…
Hazardous Substances
Margarita Anyone

  • Placing a lock on a public water filter is a common sense and inexpensive solution to a real problem!


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